Ambassador Series

While Cotton & Co, Marisa Kate Designs and Bowerbird Australia are all owned and operated by Michael Cotton and Marisa Stefanovich, like any family, these three brand “siblings” couldn’t have more varied “personalities”.   

To celebrate the diversity, and further the variety of different customers that can enjoy these three jewellery brands, we partnered with three Brisbane fashion influencers to capture the essence of the Cotton & Co, Marisa Kate Designs and Bowerbird Australia muses.


 Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

Cotton & Co, and what we like to refer to as the head of our family, is a jewellery brand that reflects sophistication, timelessness and quality.

Comprising of several collections, the coin designs are our most recognizable, and Cotton & Co is in fact the largest stockists for authentic and historical coins used for jewellery, in the country.

This year Cotton & Co welcomes two new collections to our offering, Luloah & Saphira, both of which boast stunning high quality stones, in ornate and modern settings. These new collections have injected a kaleidoscope of colour to the otherwise muted Cotton & Co palette, offering the perfect luxury option for coloured gemstone lovers.

When brainstorming a perfect fashion candidate, who embodies the Cotton & Co’s aesthetic, we couldn’t go past one of our favourite “girl bosses” and recently announced Editor of Style Magazines – Christie Sutherland.

Christie oozes sophistication with a side of glamour. In her personal style she takes wardrobe staples and integrates these with fashion forward pieces. Whether she is wearing a feminine dress, or modern jumpsuit, Christie layers her Cotton & Co classics giving her overall look a polished feel.


 Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

MKD plays the part of the vibrant and playful sister in the Cotton & Co family. The jewellery collection, which is one facet of the MKD graphic design and creative business, is a simplistic collection of beautiful shapes in silver settings, brought to life with pop-coloured stones.

Worn layered up or one piece at a time, MKD pieces are perfect the feminine and young at heart.

With that in mind, MKD made for the perfect partnership with Brisbane fashion blogger Isabella Thompson aka Style Market.

Isabella’s Instagram feed is as bubbly and bright as her personality. We adore her take on integrating colour into everyday outfits, and her gorgeous smile is contagious.

Isabella shows us how to play with different colour-pops wearing her favourite picks from the latest MKD pieces.


 Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

Photographer : Bridget Wood Photography

Bowerbird is the quirky little sister in the Cotton & Co family.

With an amazing charity affiliation with Edgar’s Mission, where with every piece sold Bowerbird contributes to the fresh water, food, medical access and safety of farm animals in need, this is certainly a brand that goes above and beyond aesthetics.

The beautiful Origami inspired designs in fine sterling silver, make Bowerbird a collection that can be worn everyday, with every outfit.

The gorgeous Kate Nutting from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry is the perfect brand ambassador for this unique jewellery collection.

Kate perfects street style with her alternative styling, pairing vintage tee’s with cute overalls and lives in her favourite Adidas Originals.

Girly with a side of cool, Pretty Dresses in the Laundry looks stunning in layered Bowerbird pieces, worn with paisley and floral garments, and even just a classic plain white tee.

When designing jewellery and creating a brand, we have a vision of the amazing customer in mind. Who wears our pieces, where does she shop, what does she read, what coffee does she order?

We were so delighted with the opportunity to collaborate with these 3 Brisbane fashion influencers, to see how they brought our collections to life, and they certainly did not disappoint.


Photography: Bridget Wood Photography
Hair & Makeup: Black Avenue Hairdressing
Styling: Al & Annabel Collective