Cotton & Co was launched in 2009 by avid coin collector Michael Cotton, since it’s inception it has grown to be a nationally recognised jewellery empire. Michael’s love of heritage coins and intricate designs combined with the encouragement from his late grandfather, Des Scanlan, inspired him to turn his passion for coins into a successful business.

It is Michael’s philosophy that coins can be more then just currency. It was this thinking coupled with his love for the incredible artistry and design of heritage coins that developed his desire to showcase these works of art in jewellery form rather then to just be kept in your pocket.

Cotton & Co. has now become synonymous with fine jewellery and sophisticated designs, and Michael continues to combine innovation with historical influences to create timeless and functional object d’art. Many of Michael’s collections endeavour to encapsulate the emotion and sentiment of his creative elements, transforming old world aesthetics into modern collectibles.

Growing the family

After Michael met his partner Marisa, Cotton & Co grew to encompass two other successful businesses: Bowerbird Australia and Marisa Kate Designs. Michael and Marisa now work collaboratively to design, operate and distribute each brand’s custom designs.

Both Bowerbird Australia, and Marisa Kate Designs work to compliment Cotton & Co and both feature impressive custom designed collections, which range from bespoke sterling silver Origami pieces, to signature Swarovski crystal jewels.

Cotton & Co.

Cotton & Co. offers jewellery with intrinsic value beyond aesthetics. The use of authentic coins, natural gemstones and traditional settings give many of the pieces a “heirloom” character, and will be a statement piece that will last a lifetime. Each custom collection is meticulously designed and created by founder Michael to ensure the quality and charm that Cotton & Co has become so well known for.

Marisa Kate Designs

Marisa Kate Design’s is a vibrant creative business incorporating a playful jewellery collection as well as graphic design and creative services. Whether it be rebranding or stationery for your special day, Marisa’s creative flare is just what you need, and if that’s not then her signature Swarovski crystal jewels will be!

Bowerbird Australia

Bowerbird Australia is affectionately referred to as the little sister brand and boasts a signature Origami inspired aesthetic. This beautiful fine jewellery collection is inspired by the wonders of nature and features everyone’s favourite animals, from Seahorses, to Lions. The understated design and quality Sterling Silver, Rhodium enhanced metal, makes each piece perfect for everyday wear, and for every occasion.

Collectable Coins

Michael’s love for coin collecting has been a life long affair. He was just starting school when he was introduced to the world of coins through his grandmother, who had the country’s largest collection of 1930 pennies. At the age of seven Michael, started working at a local coin shop on the Sunshine Coast, where he was of course paid in coins.

Once he reached adulthood he sold his coin collection to fund his business, Cotton & Co. But his love for coins never died, and when the opportunity arose for the business to start trading collectable coins it was something Michael jumped at. Since the introduction of collectables to Cotton & Co, Michael has become one of the worlds largest dealers of PCGS certified coins and bank notes, if you have been collecting coins since infancy like Michael, or are just getting started, he is your coin expert.